Virtual Assistance Services

You are a business owner and head an online business

If you are here, you are looking for serious, honest help.
Whether it is because you are successful and you need to team up, or simply because you can no longer do it all by yourself.
You need a resolute person, who will take on board all those recurring tasks that steal your precious time.

Let me tell you what this is about, and see if that is what you need:

This service is for you...

The problem is that nowadays life goes very fast.

The offline world is fast-paced, and we all know how the online world just never rests.

And yes, trying to do everything by yourself has a lot of merit.

But the thing is that there are so many open fronts and communications and digital tools move so fast that the days are going by and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of the feeling that there’s always something left to do or to solve.

The solution can be this service: bet to get help in your professional life and win in quality of life.

What tasks you could delegate to me

It’s important to be clear about the tasks you’d like to delegate.

If you’re not sure I can help you detect them.

What this service includes

What is not included in this service

The price of the service must be defined according to your needs.

The most common options are hourly rated service or flat rate.

With this you can get an idea:

Loose Hours:

20€ (+ VAT)

10h/month plan:

180€ (+ VAT)

20h/month plan:

300€ (+ VAT)

Do you think I can help you?

Get in touch with me and I’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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