My roots and essence

I consider myself a lucky person and I thank life for having been born in Mallorca, back in 1979, to alternative parents who offered me a relaxed and barefoot childhood, in the countryside.

If I told you that until I was 14, we lived without a phone and with oil lamps…would you believe it?

Back in the days, things where different without the technological spread, and here I am now, taking advantage of all the benefits that 21st century technology has brought to us.

“You can take the girl out of the field but you cannot take the field out of the girl”.

3 things to thank my Mother and which accompany me for life:

3 things to thank my Father and which are accompanying me for life:

My vital signs

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2000s: Freedom and Happiness

I started working very young, at 18 I became independent, got my driver’s license, studied a Higher Degree in International Commerce and owned my first mobile phone.

I’m one of those people who didn’t go to college because since I was a little girl I felt like I didn’t fit into the system of studying something for several years and then dedicate myself to become that for the rest of my life.

At the labor level I started in Hospitality, continued as Director’s Secretary in a company dedicated to the nautical sector and from there I moved on to the fantastic summer of 2004, in which I was in sabbatical mode and, by the magic of life, ended up working as a Production Assistant in the production of a movie.

I was enticed by the atmosphere and the very high work rate and in the fall of that year I premiered a job as an Outdoor Location Scout in a powerful local production company, which gave me the opportunity to go to New York to do a film directing course. There I was hired for 2 years and when I felt ready I jumped into the freelance world and devoted myself to it until 2010.

At that time I had the opportunity to cross the Atlantic on several occasions and get to know Venezuela, Brazil and Costa Rica.

2010s: Freedom vs Family

On the way of the Wonderful world of cinema I stumbled upon my life partner and thanks to him, who fell in love with a corner in the family farm, we gathered the necessary forces to rehabilitate a lost house in the forest in an organic and respectful way.

The 2010-20s have been very intense. I admire the ability of the human being to withstand so many nights, years, of broken sleep and high demand at all levels.

I am pleased to have been able to be by my 3 children during their early childhood and have been able to afford to raise them respecting their times and seeking a safe and friendly environment, with grandparents very close.

In this period I have been carrying out several jobs more or less compatible with motherhood: tourist rental, in charge of sales for the German market in a production company and coordination of events and occasional shoots.

One sentence: things matter as important as you want to give it.

The wonderful 20s

During the summer of 2019 I get to the point where the components of our family of 5 begins to become more independent and I feel that time to listen to the need to perform again professionally has arrived.

Researching alternatives to continue working from home I came across the term Digital Knowmad, with which I totally identify. From there I came to Virtual Assistance, entered Knowmada Collaboration, online school for Virtual Assistants, and thanks to the push of the mentoring with Esther Mayor nd the entry into the membership of Titanes Warpress, I have been developing this website and project that will finish materializing in 2020.

The traditional work model – moving to a place and signing in for 40 hours a week under the shadow of a boss – is definitely no choice.

Taking advantage of my resilience, order, transparency, seriousness, square head and polyglot background I decide to specialize in offering Services as Virtual Assistant and Linguistic Mediator


Let the adventure begin!

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